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    Premier Housewares to Open Improved and Expanded Showroom in Glasgow

    Premier's New Showroom

    Premier Housewares is excited to announce the opening of their newly refurbished showroom on the week commencing 7th November 2016. The showroom is part of Premier Business Park, the site of the company head office, in Whiteinch, west Glasgow.
    The showroom has been extended to 30,000 ft², over two floors. That’s bigger than both previous showrooms, which combined totalled 15,000 ft².
    The upper section of the showroom displays Premier Housewares’ extensive range of furniture, living accessories, interiors, and lighting products. Boasting 19 room sets and an open plan centre aisle, the displays are judiciously designed to reflect upcoming fashions and anticipate future trends.
    The lower level includes 5 kitchen and 1 garden room sets, a first for Premier, as well as open plan displays of kitchen, bathroom, and utility products.
    The showroom also includes a dining area where visitors will be treated to refreshments, while enjoying the surrounding displays.
    Many of the products on display are from Premier’s new home living brand Fifty Five South, which specialises in high quality, luxury furniture, home accessories, and soft furnishings. The brand includes a diverse and eclectic range of product lines that represent up-to-the-minute home interior fashion trends.
    Another addition to the showroom is the inclusion of a greatly increased variety of home accessories, in particular the ‘Complements’ range of decorative vases, bowls, sculptures, wall clocks, candelabras, and other accessories, and the ‘Bosie’ brand of textiles, that includes cushions, rugs, throws, etc. with a cosy, homespun appeal.
    Premier Housewares has area sales managers all across the UK and Ireland who can arrange tours for existing or prospective customers. Tours of the showroom, including expert advice from representatives knowledgeable about the full range of products, can be arranged by calling Premier Housewares’ area sales managers, or contacting the head office directly.


    The History of Clocks

    Since it's inauspicious beginning, the mechanical clock has improved in design to become more and more precise. Today, the concept of time is inseparable from the clock, and systems around the world rely on accurate, globally synchronised timekeeping devices. To mark the end of British Summer Time on Sunday 30th October, Premier Housewares has put together a timeline on the history of the clock.


    725 – The first mechanical clock was invented in China by Yi Xing and Liang Lingzan. The earliest clocks relied on water power, or liquid mercury in winter.

    996 - Early mechanical clocks were used by Christian monks, such as one build in the town of Magdeburg, Germany by the man who would become Pope Sylvester II. Many of these did not have faces, but would chime at appropriate intervals to help them regulate daily prayer and work schedules.

    1088 – The polymath Su Song, of the Chinese Song dynasty, came up with the ‘escapement mechanism’, and used it to design the astronomical clock tower of Kaifeng.

    1300 – The first known mention of a clock that struck the hours in literature was in Paradiso, the third part of the Divine Comedy by Florentine poet Dante Alighieri “indi come orologio che ne chiami… tin tin sonando con si dolce nota”,  which translates as “then as a clock that calleth… sounding ‘ting ting’ with notes so sweet”

    wall-clock-with-scroll-detail-premier-housewares.jpg1327 – Richard of Wallingford, the Abbot of St Albans, published designs for a clock that not only kept time, but also tracked lunar eclipses, the position of the sun, stars and planets, phases of the moon, and the tide in the Thames. The clock wasn’t completed within his lifetime, and was probably destroyed during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, but reconstructions based on his notes show it was at least two centuries ahead of its time in terms of technological complexity.

    1430 – Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, owned the first recorded spring-driven clock. These clocks only had an hour hand, and slowed down as the spring unwound.

    butterflies-pendulum-wall-clock-premier-housewares-historyofclocks.jpg1656– Based on scientific studies of the pendulum done by Florentine polymath Galileo Galilei, the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens invented the pendulum clock, which brought the margin of error down to less than a minute per day.

    1670 – Huygens pendulum clock served as the basis for the longcase clock, better known as the grandfather clock, which was invented by English clockmaker William Clement. It was an improvement in efficiency, accuracy, and longevity.

    1675 – Huygens teamed up with English scientist Robert Hooke to invent the spiral balance, that allowed for the first accurate pocket watches. English clockmaker Thomas Tompion successfully marketed these pocket watches, and popularised the inclusion of a minute hand in portable timepieces.


    1707 – Four Royal Navy warships were wrecked off the Isles of Scilly, due to navigational issues. 1550 sailors died. The British government offered a prize of £20,000, equivalent to £2.84 million in today’s money, to anyone who could come up with a reliable measure of longitude.

    1735 – Yorkshire carpenter John Harrison built the first marine chronometer. Using bearings, weighted balances and different types of metal, it could compensate for a boat’s rocking and changes in temperature.

    1761 – With an accurate timepiece on-board, sailors are able to determine their longitude at sea. John Harrison received the prize money from the British government. Under trials his chronometer was off by less than five seconds after ten weeks.


    1794 – The French government mandated the use of decimal clocks, with 10 hours in the day and 100 minutes per hour.  The trend failed to catch on.

    1840 – Scottish clockmaker Alexander Bain patents the electric clock, and shortly thereafter, with chronometer maker John Barwise, he develops the electromagnetic pendulum.  These inventions meant that clocks could be powered by electric current, rather than springs and weights.

    1847 – To ensure that people didn’t miss their trains, Great Western Railway in the UK kept portable chronometers to standardise “railway time” throughout the country. This led to a change in culture, as the public now had an “official” time to set their watch to.

    1870 – American college principal Charles F. Dowd invented time zones, when he proposed the four standard time zones for railway time in the United States.

    1879 - Scottish-born Canadian Sir Sandford Fleming proposed a system for worldwide time zones based on a specified as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time


    1916 - The German Empire and Austria-Hungary become the first nations to implement the idea of daylight savings time, an idea originally proposed by British-born New Zealand entomologist George Hudson, who wanted more time to collect insects after work.

    1927 – The first quartz clock was built by Warren Marrison and J.W Horton at Bell Telephone Lab in New York, which improved the accuracy and lowered the production cost of clocks and watches.

    1929 – In the United States of America, the National Bureau of Standards used a quartz clock to standardise time throughout the country.

    silver-spoke-wall-clock-with-crystals-historyofclocks.jpg1955 – At the National Physical Lab in London, Louis Edden developed the first accurate atomic clock based on a transition of the caesium-133 atom. Previous attempts at atomic clocks were less accurate than quartz clocks.

    1972 – Official time services and broadcast radio time signals around the world moved from Greenwich Mean Time to the Coordinated Universal Time, which compensates for tiny inaccuracies in the old system by introducing leap seconds.

    2000 – NIST F-1, a cesium atomic clock built by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, became the standard for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It is said to be accurate to 30 billionths of a second, which is ten times more accurate than its predecessor, NIST-7.


    Did we miss anything important? Share your own facts with #historyofclocks, or check out what clocks we have on offer.


    Premier Exhibitions 2017

    Premier would like to invite you to view our new collections for 2017 at our upcoming trade exhibitions.


    January Furniture Show 2017

    22nd - 25th January

    NEC Birmingham

    Hall 3 Stand Q10


    Spring Fair

    4th - 9th February 2017

    NEC Birmingham

    Hall 1 Stand K20 - J21 (Furniture and Living)

    Hall 9 Stand A50 - B51 (Kitchen and Bathe)



    10th - 14th February 2017

    Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Centre

    Hall1.0 Stand C09 (Kitchen)

    Hall 8.0 Stand K70 (Interiors)


    The Premier Team looks forward to welcoming you on our stands at the 2017 Trade Exhibitions and introducing you to the new ranges


    'On trend' at Exclusively Housewares


    Premier Housewares is proud to be recognised by Scarlet Opus, the original interiors & home dedicated trend forecasting company, who have awarded us their ‘on trend’ badge for our Cirque, Slate and OvenLove (beige / grey) stoneware ranges showcasing at Exclusively Housewares 2015.

    Using the inspiration of the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics where a wonderful array of bright, dynamic, vibrant colours will be bringing joyful celebrations, the cirque design was recognised for its clashing street colours and print pattern. Our slate range is what celebrations are all about, sharing food & drink, especially Brazilian recipes, with friends, family and socialising outside; it’s where the party happens.

    Also identified was our OvenLove collection of cookware, where their urban matte finish inspires natural luxury, you too can achieve an elegant look from oven to tableware.

    If you didn't get the chance to experience our new ranges at Exclusively Housewares, and would like to make an appointment to visit the Premier showroom, please contact your Sales Manager or the Premier Head Office on +44 (0)141 579 2000 or by email

    Alternatively you can view our new ranges at the forthcoming Harrogate Home and Gift and Autumn Fair shows where we will be exhibiting our latest collections.


    Orange Leaf, Combining Style And Practicality With A Warming Touch

    Adding a charming feel to the occasion, the nature inspired Orange Leaf collection covers food prep in the kitchen to service in your dining room, bringing style and practicality with a warming touch.

    If you would be interested in stocking the Premier Orange Leaf collection or require stockist information please contact or the Premier Head Office on +44 (0)141 579 2000.

    The Orange Leaf collection is available to purchase online at Amazon.


    Stockholm, a perfect combination of function and fashion

    Beautifully designed with comfort and style in mind, our Stockholm chairs are the perfect combination of function and fashion. The minimalistic design frame is made from strong and reliable birchwood, ensuring robustness for everyday use, while your decor will be inspired with a touch of Swedish design.

    A modern design, the seat and backrest are elegantly shaped for style and comfort, allowing you to sit back and relax, whether you are engrossed in a novel or enjoying a movie with popcorn. Upholstered in a hard wearing grey fabric, with soft padding, the chairs will complement most decors, while the cushions provide added comfort. A wonderful feature in your living space, the Stockholm chair and sofa will bring character and well being to your home.

    If you would be interested in stocking the Premier Interiors Stockholm range or require stockist information please contact or the Premier Head Office on +44 (0)141 579 2000.

    The Stockholm range is available to purchase online at


    Premier Showroom Event - April 2015

    Premier would like to invite you to visit our Glasgow showroom during the month of April where special offers and discounts will be available to customers placing orders in the showroom. The two showrooms at the Premier Business Park cover 15000 sq ft and are home to our vast ranges of kitchen, bathroom accessories, utility products, furniture, living accessories and lighting.

    Visit the Premier showrooms to appreciate the extent of our range and gain expert advice and knowledge from our Sales Managers. Arrange your appointment and attend the Premier Showroom Event before the end of April to take advantage of our special clearance offers and discounts.

    If you would be interested in making an appointment to visit the Premier showroom, please contact your Sales Manager or the Premier Head Office on +44 (0)141 579 2000 or by email

    Glasgow is easily accessible by plane, train and bus. If you have any queries about transport or accommodation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 



    Premier Exhibitions 2015

    Premier would like to invite you to view our new collections for 2015 at our upcoming trade exhibitions.



    4th – 8th September 2015

    Paris Nord Villepinte

    Hall 5A


    Autumn Fair

    6th - 9th September 2015

    NEC Birmingham

    Hall 2 Stand H34


    The Premier Team looks forward to welcoming you on our stands at the 2015 Trade Exhibitions and introducing you to the new ranges.